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Spark Plug

Spark Plug Wire
Separator Set

Clean up your spark plug wires with our simple and affordable spark plug wire separator kits. Made from durable Fiberglass infused nylon to stand the test of time.

We offer all of our separators in Black, Blue, Red or Silver in sizes for 6mm, 7mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm, or 10mm wires. Not a universal fit so our separators fit your wires snug without crimping or damaging your wires. We use colored filament and do not simply dye the separators.

Six sets currently available:


  • Sets of six separators that include two separators for four wires, two separators for three wires, and two separators for two wires.

  • Set of two separators for six wires.

  • Set of two separators for five wires.

  • Set of four separators for four wires.

  • Set of four separators for three wires.

  • Set of four separators for two wires.

Ford Spark Plug
Wire Mount Kits


Separators for
Three Spark Plug Wires


Separators for
Five Spark Plug Wires


Separators for
Two Spark Plug Wires


Separators for
Four Spark Plug Wires


Separators for
Six Spark Plug Wires

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