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Jaguar Spark Plug

Wire Retainers

Jag Plug Wire Clip Recessed with Slot To

The original Spark Plug Wire Retainers for the 1983-1997 Jaguars with AJ6/AJ16 engines were not removable from the wires and, until now, were not available!


We have designed this replacement spark plug wire retainer to be removable from the wires so that you can retain an original factory look when you replace your spark plug wires or if your original is broken or missing. Our part is designed after the original, but is made thicker for durability. There is an inset on the top, like the originals. Available in the original style or an improved designed with a slot that allows the retainer to be fastened to a factory tab that is on most Jaguar AJ6/AJ16 engines.


Made from Black Nylon for 8mm Wires.

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