Spark Plug 4 Wire Separators

NOTE: 6mm, 7mm, 7.5mm,  8mm, and 8.5mm pieces have the curve on the bottom surface like the factory originals found on many American cars from the '60s and the '70s. The 9mm and 10mm have a smooth bottom surface.


Floating spark plug wire separators for four wires.


Our separators are 3mm thick for added strength (Most reproduction separators are 2.25mm). Four-piece set includes Four separators for three spark plug wires.


These separators pair perfectly with the 4 wire separators in our Ford Spark Plug Wire Separator kits.


We also make floating separators for two or three wires as well as kits with two of each separator for two, three, and four wires.

Spark Plug 4 Wire Separators

  • Original and reproduction components are made from Nylon 6 whereas ours are made from Fiberglass Infused Nylon 12. The advantages are in using this type of material is that it is stronger, stiffer, and has a higher melting point (heat tolerance) than the original. Also, since our products are printed from the same file, there are no molds to wear out and change tolerances over time.

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