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Q: What are your parts made from?
A: Our parts are made from glass-fiber infused nylon

Q: Will Nylon parts hold to under-hood temperatures?
A: Yes. Nylon has been used under-hood since the early 60's. The Nylon that we use will withstand temperatures up to 217° C / 422° F. That being said, we advise keeping all nylon parts at least an inch from exhaust components or other extreme heat sources.

Q: Is Nylon or ABS Better?
A: ABS is weaker and less rigid than Nylon. Nylon has a greater resistance to chemicals such as those that you might use to clean or service your engine. ABS can break down or become very brittle when exposed to chemicals or common fluids used in your engine.

Q: Can I paint Nylon parts?
A: No. Nylon does not hold paint well. We currently offer our parts in Black, Blue, Red and Silver. If you would like to special order a part in a different color, just ask us.

Q: Can I cut, drill or otherwise modify the Nylon parts?
A: No. The parts are not solid, but have a waffle design infill. If you need a part in a different configuration, please contact us.

Q: What if I need my part altered to fit my needs?
A: Please contact us if you need a part specially made. We do a lot of custom parts that are very reasonably priced.

Q: There is a residue on the bottom of some of my parts. How can this be removed?
A: The parts are washed in an ultrasonic cleaner however sometimes some residue from printing may remain on the parts. We use an adhesive in production that can be washed off with warm soapy water and a nylon brush if necessary. Early production components were printed on a garolite bed and transfers some of the garolite to the parts. This can be scrubbed off with warm soapy water and a nylon brush or it will wear off.

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