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BAD was started in 2019 when a friend asked us to make a part that was never produced. We decided to make that part available to everyone and to began creating other parts to fill a void in the industry and offer products that were previously not available.

We started with the valve cover mounted spark plug wire separators for Fords in sizes for modern wires and most recently created the spark plug wire loom kit to run wires under the exhaust on a small block Chevy.

All of our items were either requested by our friends and customers or were created out of need for our own cars.

There are several new items currently in the works that we be launching in 2024. We are also still creating a lot of one off parts.

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Finally a way to safely and cleanly route your spark plug wires under the exhaust for Small Block Chevy Engines. No more generic hardware store clamps and zip ties.

We designed this kit for our own car and after several friends requested a kit for their cars we decided to add them to our BAD stuff.

Available in Black, Blue, Red or Silver/Gray in sizes from 7mm up to 10mm.

Like all of our parts they are designed to fit correctly.

SBC Engine Rear Quarter.jpg

The only known spark plug wire mounts designed to replace the original 7mm mount, A BAD Innovations exclusive.

The 8.5mm mount was the first part we offered back in 2019. Since that time we have produced and sold over 2,600 mounts and counting.

Available in Black, Blue, Red or Silver/Gray in sizes from 7mm up to 10mm

Our mount is designed to work with all popular aftermarket valves that are 5/8" (0.625") in outer diameter. Once the bracket is mounted simply snap in the valve.

Made from durable black nylon. Mounting bolt included. 

BRV-M (8).jpg

Please contact us if you need a special part made. As a home based business our overhead is low so we can pass on the savings to you.

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