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Deluxe Spark Plug Wire Separator Kits

Welcome to BAD Innovations!

We are Brad And Del, a father and son team who design and create 3D printed products. We are a home-based business that we run in our spare time in the evenings and weekends.

Look for exciting new products to be added in 2021. We have been working on several new items and look forward to getting them into production.

Check out our BAD Stuff page for links to the parts we are producing for Squeeg's Kustoms/Squeeg's Hot Rod Connection line of Hot Rod Parts! Squeeg's is a Hot Rod shop that have won the coveted "America's Most Beautiful Roadster" or AMBR award twice! They've had a line of Aluminum line separators for years that we are now producing in Black Nylon. We have also helped them expand their line to include line mounts, 7mm spark plug components, shorty and 90° spark plug wire mounts and are working on making their oil and fuel line separators in nylon and adding mounts to that line as well!

Please contact us if you need a special part made. As a home based business our overhead is low so we can pass on the savings to you.

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